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Metal Shear Blades

Metak Shear BladesYour Metal Shear is the type of equipment that you tend to forget about. With the long times between flipping edges it is easy to forget to give your metal shear the service it needs. When the time comes to sharpen your blades Midwest Knife Grinding is there for you. Regardless if you need a standard sharpening or are requiring a rush, we will make sure you get your sharp knives back in hand expediently. That way you can get your metal shear back up and running and to the back of your mind.

A.N.S.I. (American National Standards Institute) specifications are 0.001” variation per 12” and no more than 0.003” overall. We exceed A.N.S.I. specifications for metal shears by keeping a tolerance of 0.001” variation over a 326” length. This ensures that gapping your knives will be without headaches.

When your knives arrive we give a visual inspection and clean the knives. Once inspected we confer with the customer to see if they need the standard surfaces ground or if they have special requirements. We then grind our knives under a full flood coolant system to ensure your knives stay cool during the grinding process and therefore retain their proper temper. Once ground we hone the knives and perform the demagnetization process. From there the knives are oiled and packed for a safe return to your facility. Our standard turn-around is one of the fastest in the industry, however if you need your knives faster we also offer rush services. In general the faster the knives get to us, the faster we can get them back into your hands.

Scrap Shear Blades

scrap shear blades scrap shear blades

Many customers also use scrap shear knives for processing scrap metal, rebar, and other materials. After extended use these blades require some attention to bring them back to optimal cutting performance. At Midwest Knife we offer scrap shear sharpening services and can also provide precision ground shims to bring your scrap shear blades back to the required thickness. Each blade is visually inspected upon arrival and depending on the customer's requirements, precision shims are prepared. Once the blades are sharpened and de-magnetized we can grind the shims to the exact thickness requirement of our customer to ensure their machinery operates exactly as they expect it to. The blades are then oiled and packed for return shipment.

If your blades are below the minimum specifications for sharpening Midwest Knife can also provide replacement knives at a sincere lead time. We can manufacture knives out of many material requirements. Whether it be the standard S-7 shock steel or another impact resistant steel such as H-13 or CPM3V, we are prepared with the knowledge and experience to produce a knife to meet or exceed your expectations. Give us a call so we can have the opportunity to serve your needs.